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Food Service for Fund Raising Events

How it works - School representatives sell tickets at $0.50 each. A+ Jump staff collect tickets from customers for each item purchased. All food is provided by and prepared by our staff. At the end of the event all tickets are counted up. A+ Jump Party Rentals retains the first $500 in tickets collected. Of the remaining tickets collected A+ Jump Party Rentals will receive 80% of all sales proceeds, the school receives 20%. Payment in full is required in cash at the end of the event (ie. must be on same day). No other food can be sold on premises during the event.

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Suggested Menu:

Hot dog - 4 tickets ($2.00)
Cheeseburger - 5 tickets ($2.50)
Can of Soda - 3 tickets ($1.50)
Bottled Water - 3 tickets ($1.50)
Bag chips - 2 ticket ($1.00)
Pretzel - 3 tickets ($1.50)
Nachos&Cheese - 4 tickets ($2.00)
Polish Water Ice - 5 tickets ($2.50)

Sample Catering Menu:

$8.99 per person
(min 100 people, 200+ people $7.99 each)
Avg.time spent cooking & serving = 3 hours

Hamburgers - 1/4lb fresh ground sirloin
Hot dogs
Fresh Rolls
American Cheese
Potato Salad
Macaroni Salad
Water,lemonade,Iced tea

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