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 Large Inflatable Basketball  

 Large challenging basketball game
for teens & adults! The fastest &
best shooter will win! Great for
public or school events!
   $300.00 per day
 Small Inflatable Basketball

 Fun interactive game for kids!Great for a birthday party or school event, very entertaining for the younger
$200.00 per day
 Tic Tac Toe Ball Toss


 Free standing. Can be placed on
floor or table. Another old time reliable favorite. Player throws whiffle balls to
get three in a row in any direction to
win. Fun & easy for all ages.
     $40.00 per day
 Ball Toss

 Free standing game. Can also be
placed on table or floor. Player throws whiffle ball into colored circles. Match
two colors to win. Fun & easy.
     $40.00 per day
 Bean Bag Toss
 Free standing on floor. Players toss bean bags into clowns eyes or mouth
to win. An old time favorite, suitable for
 all ages.
    $40.00 per day
 Bean Bag Battle

 One or two players can play at once. Players take turns throwing bean bags into the openings to win. The first
person to get three bean bags into
the target hole wins. Fun, easy and competitive.
    $40.00 per day
 Tic Tac Toe Ring Toss

 American Flag look free-standing
game board. Can be set up on floor
or table. Comes with 6 rings. Throw
any 3 in a row and win a prize.
    $40.00 per day
 Knock Out


 Free standing floor game. Throw bean bags to knock out game pieces from
the board. Knock out three in a row to
   $40.00 per day
 Color Wheel

 An all time favorite. Floor standing wheel. Player chooses a color on
game board. If the pointer stops
on the chosen color, then the player
is a winner. This is a must have for
any carnival. Always a crowd pleaser.
   $40.00 per day
 Cover the Spot

 Table top game. Place the game
board on a flat surface. Players take turns dropping 5 silver colored discs
onto a red spot. To win, you must completely cover the red spot.
   $40.00 per day
 Slap Shot Hockey

 Place game board on floor or table
top. Pucks are slid down board trying
 to avoid obstacles and score by
getting puck into the goal. A little
more challenging but a lot of fun.
   $40.00 per day
 Duck Pond

 Plastic ducks float in a pool of water. Players pick a duck with a dot on the bottom to win.  Price:
   $40.00 per day
 Lollipop Tree  First put colored marks on bottom of some of the lollipops. Fill the "tree" with lollipops and place it on a table. Player picks a op. If bottom of stick is colored player is a Winner! Everyone wins because whether or not they pick a colored dot pop, everyone gets a
   $40.00 per day
 Fish Pond


 Plastic fish float in a pool of water. Players catch a fish using fishing poles. Catch a fish and win. An easy and fun game for all ages.  Price:
   $40.00 per day
 Frog Launcher


 Frog launcher is placed on the floor. Basket is placed a short distance way also on the floor. Player puts a frog on one end of the launcher, the player
hits the other end of the launcher with the mallet. If the frog lands in the
basket, the player wins.
    $40.00 per day

 Can be played on table or on the
floor. Player gets three tries to knock over pins to win.
    $40.00 per day
 Ball Roll

 Player is given 6 balls which she/he
rolls down the game board. The backdrop of the game is numbered 1
to 6. The idea of the game is to add
 up the players score. Over 21 wins. A favorite at school fairs.
    $40.00 per day

 Free standing game. Always an
attention grabber. Player gets three
 discs to drop through maze into numbered slots at bottom. Land in
#2 or #4 to win.
    $40.00 per day
 Slot Machine

A great addition to any event.
Authentic slot machine is sure
to make your event into the
perfect casino night.
    $75.00 per day (includes tokens)
   * ALL tokens must be returned with machine
**REQUIRES a $100.00 refundable deposit
 Spin Art

 This is a hit at every event. The children enjoy being creative
and get to take away their
masterpiece as a souvenir.
Additional material charges
    $65.00 per day
 Material Cost:
    $50.00 for 100 cards and 100 frames
 Cards only:
   $30.00 for 100 cards (no frames)
 Speed Pitch

 This a favorite among the baseball enthusiast. It is a challenging and
fun game of skill and speed. Price includes delivery, set-up, and
   $340.00 per day
 Karaoke Machine

 A hit at any party no matter the
age group. Lots of fun party music included.
   $65.00 per day
       (includes 2 mics and lots of fun music)
 9 Hole Miniature Golf
   $150.00 per day
***Additional charges may apply for delivery, set-up, and pick-up, unless ordered with an inflatable delivery***

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